What Is A Condenser Coil?

A: The condenser coil is a coil that’s located in the outdoor unit, which is the condenser unit. The condenser houses the compressor in the middle and it’s surrounded by a large coil. That really dictates the size of the condenser outside. The higher efficiency systems these days have huge condenser coils. You’ll notice that […]

What Is An Evaporator Coil?

A: The evaporator coil is the part of the system where heat is removed from the conditioned space. So you have air flowing through the return air ducts of your system and it runs through the coil. The compressor outside sends refrigerant in liquid form up to the evaporator coil where evaporation happens. It’s an […]

How Long Should A Furnace Last?

A: A furnace should last forever—that would be ideal, cost-wise right? Unfortunately, machines don’t and one of the most common misconceptions, in Houston especially is, “My system is out and I know I need to replace the air conditioner. I want to keep the furnace though because I don’t really use it.” Well, that’s not […]

What If Your HVAC System Is 10 Years Or Older?

A: After 10 years, that’s when most manufacturers’ warranties expire. So, at that point, any major repairs or replacement of main components become very expensive. So, return on investment is very low, or non-existent at that point. So, if your system has reached that age and you’re faced with either a malfunctioning compressor, burnout, or […]

How Can I Confirm The Model And Serial Number From My System

A: The easiest way is to go up to the piece of equipment in question and look for a nameplate or a nametag. A lot of times these days it’s a sticker that will have several different numbers from the manufacturing process. It will either say “M/N” or “model number” and the other one “S/N […]

What Size Equipment Do I Need For My Home?

A: The sizing of the equipment is very important to the equivalent performance as you use it— it has to be the right size. A common misconception is, as with other things, is that bigger is better. However, when sizing equipment to your home, it’s more like sizing your shoes. Too small in capacity and […]

What Is A Heat Pump?

A: A heat pump residential air conditioning system is a system that has the capability to reverse the flow of refrigerant. So, when you have your condenser that’s pumping refrigerant towards your evaporator coil—in straight cooling, the coil removes heat from the air. That’s when you get cold air supply into the home. A heat […]

What Can You Tell Me About Air Conditioning Refrigerant?

A: I can tell you that currently, what we’re using industry-wide for residential Houston air conditioning at least, is R410a Puron. It is a refrigerant that was developed when the EPA regulated that R-22 Freon was not environmentally friendly. As you know, sometimes systems will spring a leak and that gas gets released into the […]

What Does The Furnace Do?

A: So, the furnace is one of the three main components of a traditional residential split air conditioning system. The three components would be the condenser outside, your furnace up in the attic, and your evaporator—also in the attic.  The furnace is a dual-purpose component, it houses the heating element of the system as well […]

Prep Your Houston HVAC System For Spring With Airteam

Spring is many Houstonians favorite season of the year. It’s not too cold to eat outside or walk around the park, but it’s also not purgatory level hot either. Texas can be pretty brutal when it comes to the summer heat, so while it’s still fresh—now is the perfect time to prep your HVAC system […]