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Attic Insulation

Why Attic Insulation?

Did you know that most homes are under-insulated? It’s true. But there is an easy and affordable way to make a home more comfortable and lower the energy bills – just add insulation and air seal. Installing Owens Corning Insulation comes with a number of great benefits which we will go into more detail in a bit, but generally speaking adding insulating your attic:
Insulation Ensures A Comfortable Climate
When you have insufficient insulation, you can rest assured you will have home temperatures that are all over the place. Too hot, too cold, too humid, or too dry, never just right. It could also be that one part of the house such as your bedroom may be significantly warmer than the living room which may be ice cold. Air leaks due to poor air seals are also a major culprit usually working in tandem with insufficient insulation to make your home quite uncomfortable. If your home, especially your attic, is properly insulated and sealed, you can ensure that your home is comfortable all the time, and from room to room, the temperature stays consistent.
As with the other structures in your home, insulation breaks down, wears out, and also can get damaged by rodents, moisture, roof leaks and more. The part of the house this goes unseen the most is the attic. Because you generally don’t go in the attic, insulation problems there can often go unnoticed because they’re “out of sight, out of mind.” Houston storms can give your roof a beating and you may develop a small leak that you never notice because it doesn’t penetrate the ceiling. However, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t damaged and broken down the insulation in your attic. The insulation can soak that moisture up and then with the tropical Houston climate, you can develop a very serious mold and mildew problem. When mold spreads it’s often hard to stop and eats away at your attic while also causing you to breathe in dangerous mold spores that can wreak havoc on your respiratory system, especially in children and the elderly.
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Attic Insulation Helps with Noise Reduction
Houston is a huge city and with such a large population comes condensed residential areas and a lot of noise pollution. Noise from both inside your home and outside your home can be significantly reduced by bolstering the insulation in your attic as well as the walls. You will notice that with better attic insulation, wind noise will be reduced, HVAC unit noise, and other environmental noises will all but cease to exist in some cases.
Increasing Your Home Value
If you plan on selling your home in the near future or just want to maximize your home’s value, adding or replacing insulation to increase home efficiency is a huge selling point. Like other home improvement projects such as replacing a roof, adding siding, or installing replacement windows; a well or even “over-insulated” home is a good benefit to attract buyers.
Unusually High Energy Bills

Look at the annual usage summary from your utility provider over the last few years. If you see huge increases that is your first red flag. Even if you don’t notice a huge temperature difference in your home, numbers don’t lie and if your energy usage is spiking then you definitely have a problem with energy retention and the culprit is often insulation that is worn or you are lacking sufficient insulation.

Ice Dams

While this may sound like some really cool phenomenon of nature out in the Alaskan wilderness; ice dams are quite common in poorly insulated homes. Ice dams occur when heat, due to poor insulation in the attic rises up and melts the bottom layer of snow on the roof. The water ends up draining towards the gutters and freezes once hitting cooler air. The end result is clogged gutters due to chunks of ice known as ice dams. Now, granted, the likelihood of this happening in Houston is slim to none, but then again we had significant snow in Houston even towards the end of winter in recent years—so nothing is impossible. 

Wild Inconsistencies In Temperature

One of the most obvious signs of a poorly insulated home is a sign you can feel. When you have several different rooms that are several degrees cooler or warmer than the other, it’s a clear sign of insufficient insulation somewhere in the home. It is important that all areas of your home are sufficiently insulated, especially the attic as it bears the brunt of the suns heat. 

Cold and Damp Walls

Your ceiling, walls, and floors in a properly insulated home should feel dry to the touch and warm. If they feel somewhat damp or cold to the touch, that is a clear indication that your insulation needs replacement or it is insufficiently insulated.

Air Leakage/Drafts

Most noticeable during the colder months, drafts in areas of your home usually come from around doors and windows. If there is not enough insulation around those openings, cold air will find its way in and your heating bills will go up considerably

Does Your Insulation Need to be Replaced?

Whether you are renovating your home or building a new one, there is careful, formulaic calculations that must be considered to correctly design your HVAC system, determine the size of the unit needed, the placement of vents and ducts, and return air placements as well. We work with you directly to explain why we recommend what we do—we want our clients to be informed not sold. We are also on the cutting-edge of energy efficient systems and smart HVAC design so that you can maximize your home cooling and heating and get the most out of every dollar you invest.
We Have What You Need
Need to make sure your attic is insulated properly? Give AIRTEAM a call! We’ll start with a free, professional insulation inspection. And as experienced contractors, we can also install your insulation quickly and properly. AIRTEAM is committed to giving you and your family the most energy-efficient home possible with our quality insulation and HVAC products.

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