Houston Air Conditioning: What Do HVAC Techs Do?

In Houston, air conditioning is not optional it’s a way of life and HVAC units are getting more and more complex. Back about 20 years ago, most Houston air conditioning units were far less complex. In fact, with some research and patience, it was feasible to make some repairs yourself. Naturally, whenever dealing with high voltage equipment such as HVAC units, proper electrical knowledge is key.  However, with all of the advancements in HVAC technology—DIY repairs are much more complex.

This is why it is wise to call a local Houston air conditioning tech when your unit needs service. HVAC techs go through constant training on the latest HVAC technology. HVAC is actually an abbreviation for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Therefore, an HVAC tech is someone who repairs, installs, and maintains these systems. Most HVAC techs also specialize in refrigeration systems, since the concepts, parts, and mechanisms are all very similar.

Houston Air Conditioning Is For Professionals

Do-it-yourself (DIY) home repair projects are a popular option for many Houston homeowners trying to save a buck. We completely understand that sentiment and if you have ample skillsets to do so—by all means go for it. It does save you money by cutting out the middle man—but HVAC can be very tricky. In fact, a DIY HVAC project can actually end up costing you more money in the end.

Why Hire Certified HVAC Techs In Houston?

Even though the ever-expanding internet has provided an abundance of HVAC repair tutorials—we recommend you hire a professional tech. There are too many variables from unit to unit, the risk of electrocution is high, and the tools are expensive. Conversely, when you go with a reputable Houston air conditioning repair company, you eliminate those risks. You also gain a lot of benefits from hiring a certified HVAV tech working on your equipment. Two of those many benefits are the most impactful to your health and your wallet.

Savings On Houston Air Conditioning

HVAC service in Houston is a competitive industry—but this bodes well for consumers looking for reasonable prices.  With our region experiencing mostly warm days and high humidity—air conditioners run year-round.

New smart technology has made HVAC units in Houston very complex to repair for your average homeowner. While not impossible, attempting to repair your unit could actually make a small problem much bigger. Naturally, this ends up costing more money in the long run—negating the savings.

This is because as an average homeowner, you don’t likely have the skillset or specialized equipment to properly diagnose issues. That leads to speculative repair or diagnosis via trial by error—and that’s a costly way to fix things.

When you hire an HVAC tech in Houston, they possess institutional knowledge and tools most of us simply don’t have.

  • Vacuum Pump
  • Combustion Analyzer
  • Mobile HVAC Software
  • Refrigerant Scale
  • Multi-Meter
  • Duct Puller
  • Strap Gun

The average cost of an HVAC techs basic toolset is in the neighborhood of about $2,500. Keep in mind that doesn’t even include advanced tools! It makes sense to let the professionals bear the expenses of tools you might only use a handful of times.


As mentioned, Houston HVAC units are very dangerous due to the high-voltage that powers these modern devices. Attempting to repair your unit on your own could be quite dangerous and lead to serious electrical shock.

Not only putting you at immediate risk of shock when attempting a repair—errors can cause more risks. If you replace a part on your unit incorrectly or forget to ground it—you might have trouble. For example, if you didn’t notice you left two wires touching that shouldn’t be— that can cause a fire. You might think a repair went smooth because it turned on. However, it could be just a ticking time bomb and eventually, it goes off. It’s just not worth the risk, and it could cost you a fortune to DIY unit repairs.


So What Do HVAC Techs Do?

Many people assume because it’s mechanical, that HVAC repair should be fairly straightforward. As we’ve mentioned, maybe 20 years ago—but smart tech makes it complex. Computers run nearly everything these days and so there’s a lot to HVAC repair in Houston. In fact, HVAC techs probably perform a lot of tasks you never even thought about.

The real question is what doesn’t an HVAC tech do?  Different techs may have a different specialty the focus on such as filtration, or commercial units. So while the answer does vary based on the tech’s specialty, the importance does not. HVAC systems control the humidity, air quality and temperature in every type of building, so HVAC techs are vital! They help keep us in a comfortable climate which keeps us healthy. Additionally, in providing climate-controlled environments and refrigeration—they make life much easier. For example, without HVAC techs, we wouldn’t be able to store and transport food, medicine, and other perishables.

A Day In The Life Of An HVAC Tech

A typical workday for a Houston HVAC tech is checking how hot it’s going to be all day—we’re half kidding. In all seriousness, HVAC techs spend most of their day in hot attics or outside in the Houston humidity. Techs are assigned jobs usually in the order of location, priority, or a combination of both.

Once on-site, they must evaluate the situation and if a failure—begin diagnostics to determine the source. The job can be anything from replacing an air filter to replacing a furnace, or it could be a simple tune-up. No matter what the job ticket is for, HVAC techs will typically end up performing one or more of these tasks:

  • Evaluating blueprints and building schematics
  • Testing pipes, joints, and connections for leakage
  • Testing electrical circuits and components proper conditions
  • Repairing or replacing defective parts or units
  • Changing filters, duct cleaning, and  adding refrigerants for performance
  • Installing, testing, or adjustment of thermostats, humidistats, or system timers
  • Checking connections of HVAC equipment to gas, water, or refrigerant lines
  • Adjusting controls to balance the HVAC system
  • Assembling, installing, and mounting equipment
  • Drilling holes for ductwork, lines, or other HVAC components in structures

The tasks they perform will depend mainly on the type of call they are sent out on. Some calls will require only a few of these tasks while others may require all of them.

Categories Of Houston Air Conditioning Service Calls

HVAC techs often see a wide variety of service calls, odd jobs, and different challenges. However most service calls fall into one of these categories.

When a new installation is on an HVAC tech’s schedule it is typically a long job. The installation is based on the structure’s specifications. In commercial jobs these specs are usually provided by the building engineer. However, in most residential jobs it’s done via building inspection by the HVAC tech. On installation day, the tech will run ductwork, connect the unit and then test everything for proper function. Then they will walk the customer through operation of the system. These days, that includes showing them how to control it with their phone. Since HVAC techs also work with refrigerants, it is important they’re certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

To ensure maximum efficiency—Houston air conditioning systems must be maintained regularly. Typically twice a year—at the beginning of spring, and the beginning of summer is sufficient. These maintenance calls include the HVAC tech cleaning and testing the blower fan, then checking refrigerant levels. The final test is of the thermostat and operation to make sure it’s all within range.

HVAC technicians in Houston deal with HVAC failures or problems a lot during the summer. In fact, it’s the busiest time of the year for local AC repair companies nationwide. Repairs can range from holes in ductwork, or compressor failure. The more complex the part, the longer and more expensive the repair.

Many jobs require ductwork to be installed—whether it be on a house with no existing ductwork or an expansion.  Ductwork is what distributes the air from the unit out to all the vents in the home. Ductwork includes cutting sheet metal, forming and attaching them, and connecting to the vents.

Who Has The Best HVAC Techs In Houston?

Whatever job or service you need on your HVAC system—having the best techs makes all the difference. Contact Airteam today and make sure you’re getting the best AC repair in Houston.

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