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How Insulation Helps Your System Run More Efficiently


Whether you’ve been here a few months or all your life, you know that Houston is well-known for its hot summers and winters that are mildish but humid.  This climate region definitely presents some significant challenges in keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. This can easily be compounded if your HVAC system it’s not […]

Houston AC System Upgrades: Thermostats

Houston AC Upgraades Thermostats 1122

Is your system in good health and relatively low in age but your thermostat is basic? If so, you can increase the efficiency of your Houston AC system and make it more convenient to operate. However, it’s not like you can just jump on Amazon and pick out the first thermostat that catches your eye. […]

Can You Replace An AC Coil?

A: We do it often, there are two coils in the system. You have an evaporator coil up in the attic and a condenser coil at the condensing unit that goes around the compressor. Once an evaporator coil fails or springs a leak—repairing it usually causes too much damage. It compromises the usable area of […]

How Can You Tell If You Have An Airflow Issue?

A: Well, normally the best sign is when you notice a big temperature differential from room to room. For example, the master bedroom of the home—at night is when you’re going to notice. You set your thermostat to where you’re normally comfortable and it feels warm. But, you go to the next room, and it’s […]

How Long Should A Furnace Last?

A: A furnace should last forever—that would be ideal, cost-wise right? Unfortunately, machines don’t and one of the most common misconceptions, in Houston especially is, “My system is out and I know I need to replace the air conditioner. I want to keep the furnace though because I don’t really use it.” Well, that’s not […]

What If Your Humidity In Your Home Is Abnormally High?

A: There’s several reasons why it could be high. It could be an HVAC system that’s underperforming to where the surface of the evaporator coil is not reaching the temperature ideal for removing moisture. Another could be, that maybe the system installed was oversized. Somebody didn’t run a heat load calculation on the home and […]