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Optimal Temperature Settings For Houston HVAC Systems

Are you tired of constantly adjusting your thermostat every few minutes to stay comfortable in your home? Well, you’re not alone. Being one of the top providers in Houston for HVAC repair, we get a lot of service calls that end up being caused by less-than-optimal thermostat settings.  But, if you want to learn about how to set your HVAC thermostat for maximum comfort and energy efficiency—read on.

Most people don’t think about their thermostat until it’s time to adjust the temperature. But if you take the time to learn how to set your thermostat, you can maximize both your comfort and your energy efficiency.

The first step is to understand how your HVAC system works. Your HVAC system has two main components: the furnace and the air conditioner. The furnace provides heat, while the air conditioner cools the air.

The thermostat is what controls these two systems, turning them on and off as needed to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. If that thermostat stops working or is set improperly, that’s when people end up calling a Houston HVAC repair company.

There are two main types of thermostats: manual and programmable. Manual thermostats are the simplest type and are easy to use. Programmable thermostats are more complex but offer more features, such as the ability to set different temperatures for different times of the day.

If you have a programmable thermostat, you can also set it so that the temperature automatically adjusts when you’re not home. They are the predecessor to these newer, “smart” thermostats that actually learn habits and are connected to the internet. They may not learn your habits, but they are still very capable of automating your heating and cooling.

Thermostat Settings For Houston HVAC Systems

Once you’ve chosen the right type of thermostat for your needs, it’s time to learn how to set it properly. In general, you want to set the temperature a few degrees lower in winter and a few degrees higher in summer. This will help ensure that your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, and uses less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

So, if you want to be comfortable in your home and save money on your energy bill, it is important to know how to set your thermostat properly. So we’ll give you some tips on how to set it for maximum comfort and efficiency. It will also prevent unnecessary calls for Houston HVAC repair.

The first thing you need to do is find the right location for your thermostat. It should be placed in an area that is not affected by drafts or direct sunlight. Once you have found the ideal location, you need to set the temperature.

For most Houston residents, a comfortable temperature is around 72-74 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you are someone who tends to get cold easily, you may want to set the temperature a few degrees higher. Conversely, if you tend to get hot easily, you may want to set the temperature a few degrees lower.

Once you have found the right temperature for your home, it is important to keep it consistent. This means that you should not make drastic changes in the temperature setting. If you do this, it can cause your HVAC system to work harder than necessary and drive up your energy bills and shorten your system’s life.

How Temperature Affects Comfort and Efficiency

How you set your thermostat can have a big impact on both your comfort and your energy bill. Let’s walk you through how to find the best temperature setting for your home. Most people are comfortable at a room temperature of 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit, but there are a few things to consider when setting your thermostat:

The first is the outdoor temperature. If it’s hot outside, you’ll want to set your AC lower to keep your home cool. But if it’s cold outside, you might want to raise the heat to compensate.

The second thing to consider is the activity level in your home. If everyone is up and moving around, you might want to raise the temperature since bodies generate heat. But if everyone is relaxing or sleeping, you can lower the temp since there won’t be as much body heat.

The third factor is sunlight. If a room is getting a lot of sun, it will be warmer than a room that doesn’t get any sunlight. So you may need to adjust the thermostat accordingly.

Finally, think about what clothing people are wearing in your home. If everyone is in shorts and T-shirts, the temp can be set lower than if everyone has on jeans and long-sleeve shirts.

Setting the Thermostat to Maximize Efficiency

When it comes to your home’s heating and cooling, you want both maximum comfort and efficiency. Luckily, you can have both by following a few simple tips for setting your HVAC thermostat.

In the winter, set your thermostat to 70 degrees when you’re home and awake. For every hour that you’re away or asleep, lower the temperature by 2 or 3  degrees. This will save you energy without sacrificing comfort.

In the summer, do the opposite: raise the temperature when you’re away or asleep, and lower it when you’re home and awake. Again, aim for 70 degrees when you’re in the house.

However, if you want the most savings, invest in a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats offer many more customization options. They can also learn your tendencies. For example, let’s say you tend to turn the air down to 72 degrees around 3pm every day during the summer. Well, a smart thermostat such as the Nest, will automatically make that adjustment for you at 3pm every day.

Additionally, these thermostats, since they’re connected to the internet, can be controlled from your phone anywhere you have access to the internet. Simply log in to the control app, and set your home to cool or heat when you leave work. By the time you get home, the temperature is perfect for optimal comfort. Many even work directly with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Home devices for voice-activated operations.

Call The Best In Houston HVAC For A Thermostat Or System Upgrade

Setting your HVAC thermostat correctly is essential for both comfort and efficiency. However, if the thermostat you have is very basic, you might want an upgrade. Additionally, many of the more efficient new systems include a smart thermostat.

So, do yourself a favor and get your thermostat or system upgraded by contacting us for a free comfort analysis of your home. We’ll make sure you get what you need to keep your home cooling and heating efficient and convenient. CONTACT US TODAY!

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