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What If The Noise Level From Your HVAC Increases?

A: If you notice noises that are out of the ordinary, you should immediately call a professional technician to come take a look at your system.

Normally it’s the startup outside, you know—that loud electric noise. If it’s the compressor making the noise, it could be something defective or a damaged compressor. It could also be that the fan motor outside stopped working or is underperforming and it’s overworking the compressor.

It can also be the fan making the noise. The compressor could be fine but the fan is out of balance or the motor itself is and it’s making a noise. That’s dangerous for the compressor because the system has to be in harmony with all the parts. The fan motor, the compressor, the evaporator coil, the blower motor—everything has to work.

So, if you hear a noise in the attic, you need to take care of it in a timely manner so that the domino effect doesn’t begin. Otherwise, it will start damaging other components of the system.

So, any noise out of the ordinary—have someone check it out.

Most people don’t think about their HVAC system daily like they do other systems in their home. However, the moment it breaks down or makes odd noises, it’s at the forefront of our mind. Usually, we’re freaking out about what it’s going to cost for AC repair in Houston.

It’s not like we can just live without air conditioning in Houston, especially if it’s the middle of summer. Your HVAC system shouldn’t make anything more than quiet background noise, almost going unnoticed. However, if it’s making odd or loud noises—don’t hesitate, get it checked out.

When Is It Time To Call For AC Repair In Houston?

If there’s a problem with your HVAC system, it might make a few different kinds of noises. It may be a loud buzzing sound, some pops, or even loud clanking. Regardless of which it is, we can’t emphasize this enough—don’t ignore it.

Do you know why your system is making those sounds? The obvious answer is that something isn’t working as designed. It could be a part failure, worn-down bearings, an obstruction, or several other causes.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common types of unusual noises that your HVAC system might make and what it likely means. If you hear any of these sounds or anything else out of the ordinary, call AIRTEAM for the best AC repair in Houston.

HVAC Grinding Noise

If you’re hearing grinding noises coming from the outdoor unit or your attic, it could be a result of debris or dirt buildup. Sometimes, especially with a dirty filter, debris can get swept up into the furnace’s blower motor. That’s why it’s critical to keep the filter clean so you can avoid premature major AC repair in Houston.

In the outdoor unit, it’s the same issue, these thunderstorms can kick up debris and dirt than can get sucked into the fan. Debris and dirt may sound like minor issues. However, all it takes is some rocks or dirt buildup to cause major friction within your system. The repairs themselves can be costly if left unaddressed.

HVAC Squealing or Screeching

Anytime you hear screeching or squealing it can be a sign of something going awry in the early stages. It could be a fan belt getting too worn or your motor may need lubricating. It’s not something you can just fix with WD-40 either. HVAC motors use a specialized lubricant that is designed for the friction it will help reduce. It may sound like a simple fix, but it’s definitely something you need to call a professional for. AIRTEAM has the techs that specialize in AC repair in Houston for all levels of issues. Going at it yourself could get you seriously hurt as well as damage your system.

Clanking or Banging

Generally, sounds such as banging, clanking, or rattles from the system, outdoors mean there’s something loose inside the unit.

The same goes for the HVAC system indoors. Rattles, clanks, or banging indoors often means something got loose within the blower. Typically, the louder the noise is, the worse the problem causing it is. If it’s loud, shut off your AC immediately and call AIRTEAM for AC repair in Houston.

If you hear the same noises from the air ducts it can mean anything from debris to a small animal such as a squirrel or rat. If the noise is repetitive and seems to be the same every time, one of your ducts may have come loose.

Rumbling Sounds

If you keep thinking you’re hearing the low rumble of thunder when it’s sunny and 95° outside, it might be your HVAC. A rumbling noise from your system could mean something as simple as something in the ductwork. However, if the rumble is frequent, it could also be indicating the imminent failure of your heat exchanger.

Small Explosions

Don’t get alarmed. We don’t mean explosions like a dramatic action sequence in a movie. We mean small “booms.” Usually, this is due to a buildup of carbons and gas that has built up and combusts when heated. You should have a tech look at it to see if it’s not running as clean as it should.

Buzzing Sound

Buzzing is usually a noise that you should call an HVAC specialist for. It can be the compressor malfunctioning or a part that’s loose causing vibration when it runs. However, there can be a less mechanical cause of the buzzing—bees.

Sometimes bees can get in your air ducts, especially during the milder parts of the year. Your AC is not used as much during this time, and they may build a hive inside.

Hissing Noises

Like the buzzing, if the AC is hissing, it might be a refrigerant leak in the compressor. If there’s no leak, it may be a pressure lock. A pressure lock occurs when a lot of high pressure has built up in the AC compressor—more than it should. Neither of these issues is something you can do a DIY repair, you need reliable AC repair in Houston for this. If the sound turns into a high pitched whistle or scream sound, shut off the HVAC immediately. This means the pressure is continuing to build to unsafe levels and it could cause an explosion and more damage.

Noise Is Preventable With Proper AC Repair In Houston

Time and time again you hear us repeat the same mantra— regular maintenance saves your HVAC. We say that because it’s true. Noises in your HVAC system don’t usually just develop out of nowhere. A squeak starts as a part with a diminishing amount of lubricant. A vibrating sound starts as a loose screw.

Do you see the connection here? The problems start off harmless and are easily repairable. However, if you don’t have the system maintained regularly, these developing issues go unnoticed until they cause a failure or make noise.

Get The Best AC Repair In Houston From AIRTEAM

The easy way to maintain your HVAC system is with our MVP service plan. This planned maintenance program ensures your system runs in top form year-round. No longer can small problems lay dormant and inconvenience you with a major breakdown later on.

Contact us today to cover your HVAC unit with our MVP service plan and give your family the peace of mind it needs.


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