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What If The Noise Level From Your HVAC Increases?

What If The Noise Level From Your HVAC Increases

A: If you notice noises that are out of the ordinary, you should immediately call a professional technician to come take a look at your system. Normally it’s the startup outside, you know—that loud electric noise. If it’s the compressor making the noise, it could be something defective or a damaged compressor. It could also […]

What Happens When Your Evaporator Coil Is Dirty?

A: When the evaporator coil is dirty, a couple of things happen. If debris gets in there, it’s going to reduce airflow and slow down the rate at which air flows thru the coil. So, it’s going to compromise cooling, humidity control. Eventually, it can overwork the compressor and the blower motor, causing them to […]

What If Your Humidity In Your Home Is Abnormally High?

A: There’s several reasons why it could be high. It could be an HVAC system that’s underperforming to where the surface of the evaporator coil is not reaching the temperature ideal for removing moisture. Another could be, that maybe the system installed was oversized. Somebody didn’t run a heat load calculation on the home and […]